“Orange” Juice?

Those that have been following along our various adventures with old buildings might recall that we bought an 1890(ish) gothic debatable commercial building, complete with tower.

This building has been a pharmacy downstairs since it was built. It’s been rearranged a couple times, some merchandise no longer carried, the soda fountain taken out…new ceilings…you know, typical changes. It was doctors’ offices upstairs until around the 1960’s or so…the upstairs has been mostly vacant since (and thus, filled with junk from wall to wall).

Along comes us. We are, apparently the 3rd owners. We’re not a pharmacy so just as a starting point, we are cleaning it out to the core.

You might imagine some interesting things can be found in a 120 year old building…and you’d be right. Why, I have no less than 20 cash registers…from every concievable era…and printers! Printers of every make and model…printers progressing over the years! Dozens! All of them broken of course…Oh, and then there’s the cases of labels/receipt blanks left over for each and every one of the broken printers…

And remind me to someday tell you about the stuff…I can’t tell you about.

But that’s not the story here. The trash is the story here…something like 35 giant contractors bags full so far…maybe 3000 pounds hauled out so far…

So today, in a little used and obviously forgotten store-room (nook under the stairs) we found the ticking time bombs…

Cokes so old they had eaten through the can. 20 oz plastic bottles so old that they were smushy as there was no pressure left in them. Some glass bottles. When’s the last time they made 20 oz glass bottles? Oh, and the older style too…the tall narrow glass bottles with the crimped on metal caps? Except the caps were corroded through.

And then there’s the juice.

Not so orange juice

Not so orange juice

Cases of it.

Good for what ails ya!

Good for what ails ya!

I think the color’s a little off on this batch…what about you? Maybe it needed refrigeration for the last decade or so?

Daniel Meyer

Whoosh! (the sound of money departing at high speed and volume)

I ordered the shakes for our 1880’s Gothic Debatable tower today. I’m replacing all the cedar on it. Got some trim work around the edge of the roof to do as well. Oh, and a couple pieces of tin to fabricate.

The Tower

The Tower

12 cartons…96 shingles/carton. 3 different patterns (fancy-ing this up just a bit).

I’m pretty sure they are a thin cedar veneer over a solid gold substrate (based on cost).

Shipped in from Canada.

So, I’ve got the tools…

The Left Handed Fargle Snorker is ready to work

Higher and higher!

Higher and higher!

…and will shortly have the material.

That about does in my spring budget…


Daniel Meyer

99 bags of trash on the wall…99 bags of trash…

…ya take one down and pass it around…98 bags of trash on the wall…

Okay, I freely admit it…I can’t sing. I once had someone tell me that at gunpoint…but that’s another story.

Anyway, this weekend. Trash. Lots of it.

Not much as far as cool pictures this weekend…working on the Old Vic…we had priming to do…an exterior door and window…but it was too wet. The weather was chilly, so we figured we’d just clean.

Now…cleaning. That’s a thing you can do with low budget, and some time. It’s something we tackle when other things are at a standstill due to weather or budget.

And cleaning we’ve got…lots of it to do that is.

Not only do we have the construction mess and typical dust of the Old Vic project to deal with, we also have our “new” 1880’s era historic building on the square to work on.

Why talk about that? Well, part of our Old Vic project…the point of it in fact…is for us to eventually LIVE in our new chosen town. We always expected to open a business in town…perhaps later…during our retirement…but we also considered maybe earlier as my writing career accelerates (hint: buy my books!). I really want to make a living as an author!

Something we could take some time to establish. We’d be further along on the house. We’d keep our eyes open and perhaps in a couple years…

Well…later or maybe earlier? Heh…”now” came up as the building we loved came on the market and the price was right. We looked at our means and intent and decided that if we were serious about it, the opportunity just could not be passed up.

So, the building, like it or not, is part of our project. Of course, since it has a tower…and is actually older than our Queen Anne Victorian, we figure most of our readers shouldn’t mind.

Yep. Opportunity. Gotta take it. Sieze the day. He who hesitates. All that good stuff.

Bottom line is…if you currently have the means…and you have the dreams…NOW is the time to buy. Prices will never be better.

Just please, nobody show me any more old buildings with towers for sale anytime soon…

Yes, we have the means…but…that said, we moved more quickly then we would have under other circumstances, and so, have stretched the budget a little.

Some work that doesn’t involve $1000 worth of stuff from the hardware store is therefore most welcome.

Something that came with the building was a massive cleanup project. The second floor really hasn’t been used in a few decades or so…and has been the “go to” place for anything the previous two owners didn’t know what to do with.

The building is roughly 25′ x 100’…so upstairs alone is 2500 square feet of junk…most of it not worth the effort it took to haul it up the stairs in the first place. Old retail racks. Some 1970’s era furniture. Old rotten clothes. About 10 old artificial Christmas trees. Old bags. Plastic shelves. Old air-conditioners. Very little of any value at all.

Add several hundred pounds of pidgeon poop, mix well, and you’ve got more than a few bags of trash to haul.

A good view through the rooms upstairs:

A good view through the rooms upstairs

A good view through the rooms upstairs

Home Depot carries some really nice trash bags just for such an occasion…the 8 mill contractor’s cleanup bags. Tough. Very large. Tie flaps. Don’t break or tear. Even hard to punch through. These bags are so good…and we’re going to use so many, that when my Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for trash bags.

Yeah. I did. AND she got them for me. TWO boxes!

We spent a few hours Saturday cleaning up and hauled about a ten or so trash bags out of there this weekend.

Ten bags of trash is approximately 700 pounds.

That’s on top of 12 bags (a half-ton or so) we got rid of a couple weekends ago.

And we have not yet begun to clean.

At a guess? There are 98 bags of trash left on the wall.

And then we’ll get to the big stuff.

Daniel Meyer