Killing dreams and moving on…

Other than death…there are only two things that can kill the dreams of a hard-working, principled man:

1) Himself…life brings changes and dreams are free to modify…
2) The government he pays homage to…by removing his ability, resources, or freedom to follow those dreams.

The storm…a year ago…and the SECOND storm (a year in just a few days)…impacted our budget by 10’s of thousands of dollars…and probably undid FIVE years worth of work. Pretty much everything we owned was damaged inside of two week’s time.

That is a telling blow…but it wasn’t a fatal one.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work…and have accomplished some things…but with the projects/damage at both houses and Cupola Art…and the constantly re-arranging priorities as we’ve worked to salvage belongings and mitigate further damage to the buildings…have had us spinning our wheels for nearly a year.

But the really serious blow…is the medical insurance/care and Obamacare (ACA) situation. Many folks have been cheering this on…these are inevitably folks that are benefiting from the law…but NOT the ones paying the bill for the law. I’ve paid hundreds of thousands in medical insurance premiums over my career…and seldom had any claims. The ACA stripped away state law protections against predatory practices and instead, made them the “law of the land”. We’ve seen double and triple digit increase in our costs ANNUALLY, the costs of a new and massive government bureaucracy, and government regulated yet uncontrolled profit taking by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries running rampant.

This medical/government thing has ballooned beyond all rational estimations. We now consume the VALUE OF THIS BUILDING every two years, NOT in care, but rather…in premiums, taxes, and deductibles. Yet, we end up paying cash out of pocket for the majority of our medical services.

This artificially induced “crisis” has consumed our entire project budget…for Cupola Art, The Old Vic, AND the Suburban Blah House. Despite decades of hard work, sacrifices, and careful planning, we are getting knocked right out of the middle class on this issue alone.

I would have laughed out loud if someone had predicted in 2008 that it would get this bad.

There is no relief in sight…in fact…by any rational estimation…it is on track to get much worse.

This…and this alone…has robbed us of the resources to attack the rest of the damage, and put Cupola Art back into operation…at least in the short term. We looked at our houses and the damage there…the building, and our budget…and determined it would take us 3-4 years (IF the medical robbery doesn’t get worse) to get back on track.

We could not sustain this.

Today we contracted to sell the Cupola Art building. It is NOT…what I wanted to do. It is, however, the smart thing to do.

We look forward to seeing what the new owners do with this iconic building.

Now…having said all that…we are smart enough to NOT have exhausted all our resources…and we will focus on The Old Vic…and I’ll continue the art and writing in our space there. It’s even suitable for a gallery and shows when that time comes.

This feels like a failure…but as in all things…we’ll turn it to our advantage and continue to move forward.

Daniel Meyer

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