It goes up!

One of the cool things about being an old building owner is all the nooks and crannies to be found inside.

I’ve needed an art studio for some time now. Often, actually doing art falls by the wayside as with no dedicated space to work, too much time is spent in getting materials out and ready to use, and in putting them away later to make room for the next project.

I promised myself that I would have dedicated studio space in the Old Vic and in our business.

Well, now is the time for the studio in the Cupola. I’ve got art projects to do and framing and packing and …

Anyway, The Cupola has a mezzanine…a sort of half floor in part of the building between the first and second floors. Ours is about 25 x 20 feet and will make a great space to work. Heck, that’s big enough for an apartment! Hopefully it will give me enough space for my visual arts supplies and projects.

A stairway to a nook…It’s in the back of our shop.

A stairway to a nook...or perhaps a cranny

It goes up!

It goes up

A few tables and a bit of light, and presto! An art studio!
(View from the top of the stairs)

Room to work

Lots more work to do…there is a lot more space up here…but it will get me started. I’ve got projects and images to get out of my head!
(view back toward the stairs)
Lots of room

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