A garage sale find…

I bought some frames/etc from a yard/estate sale near Bogata today.

On the wall in the garage was a dust-covered, mud-dauber covered large
framed/glassed painting. Came with lots of free spiders.

Also grabbed a couple other smaller dust covered glassed/paintings that
had nice frames. Got 8-10 frames total.

I spent $20 of that on the big painting/frame. More than I
usually would for a frame, but it was a big/nice one I had a “feeling”
about the painting (what I could see of it through the dirt covered
glass). The backing paper was intact so I knew the painting would be

Cleaned them up…I think I have good instincts.

The big painting under glass is a Warner Hoople Texas oil-field scene
original watercolor. It is of obvious quality. From what I can tell they
sell at auction for $1500 – $10,000 depending on the scene and size. This
is a large one.

Also have three smaller Norman Baxter pen/water-color paintings. He’s the
guy that used to illustrate the covers of the big yellow pages. They are
probably worth $50-$100/ea.

Of course, gotta find the right buyer…but still, not bad since I was
really just going after nice frames…


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