Postal Lady Rocks!

Been sort of worried about my sales tax permit. For those that don’t know, a permit is required to collect the required sales tax on behalf of the state, and quarterly filings/payments are then required (forever, even if you sell nothing taxable).

Anyway, filled out the stuff for the permit on-line, sent in the signature form, and then realized there was no place to tell the state to mail the durn form to a different address other than the business address. Since we weren’t open yet and have no mailbox (and until yesterday no signs), this was an issue.

See, the law doesn’t say you have to have been issued a permit or have a valid number…it says you MUST have the permit in your possession or you cannot sell…as in, the actual physical piece of paper must be in your hand (not a copy etc). It is the de facto state license to have a business at all.

Says something about our society when the most important milestone to “hanging out your shingle” is to get the paperwork right.

Anyway, working on the building today and the postal lady comes wandering in with a piece of mail. “This is yours.”

Ta Da! The sales tax permit found us!

Postal lady rocks!

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