The Heat Ate It…

Alternate title: “Never To Plan”

Since we are headed for a high of 104 today, we decided to work inside…cleaning and repairing stuff that needs it (pretty much…everything).

So of course the heat ate the air-conditioning at the Cupola. Gad. Turned it on, no cool air. Sigh. Checked it out…lost the fan motor in the condenser (outside) unit. While checking it out it even managed to start running backwards.

Bad fan motor, bad contactor/relay (still working but arc-damaged), bad start/run capacitor. I’ll have to hunt parts for it Monday/Tuesday.

Dead A/C parts from the Cupola Building

Dead A/C parts from the Cupola Building

Pretty much fried myself in the heat, getting the old motor/etc out so I can make sure and get the correct ones. Good hour to get it all apart.

Funny…I couldn’t get the fan off the motor…loosened the set screws and it would not budge. Tried prying/etc and it simply would not move.

Gave up and decided I’d haul the fan/motor downstairs where I could work on it better and with more tools (and perhaps a little lube).

Halfway down the stairs the fan popped right off in my hand the the 25 pound motor went tumbling down the stairs (almost took out a window!)

Changed some lights and cleaned up a couple other electrical woes before it got too hot downstairs to work. Didn’t take long…it was over 100 degrees before noon.

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