Chop chop!

Ever wonder about the construction of a 70’s era pool table?

We cut up the pool table and another crappy (heh) display…in order to more easily get them down the stairs and out of our building. These were not in any way salvageable, made of plywood, particle board, and cheap paneling, then set to marinate in pigeon crap for a couple decades or so (or longer, the magazines and such we are finding at this level date from the 50’s and 60’s)!

Warped, chewed, and covered in excrement…they are out of here. I cut the pool table up into 4 pieces (in addition to the two leg sections) for ease of getting them down the stairs and later disposal.

Magazines and such in this room are from late 50’s and 1960.

We figure we moved a couple thousand pounds down the stairs.

Still have a ways to go though.

Daniel Meyer

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