Dirty Jobs

Well, Mike Rowe isn’t returning my calls, so it looks like it’s up to me and the wife.

With the Christmas season and its accompanying spending and other madness (oh, and let us not forget “property tax” season), we need a project or two that is decidedly “low-impact” on the budget.

At the same time, for our own sanity we need a project that shows that we’ve made a difference. Months of plumbing and electrical on the Old Vic doesn’t yield anything visually dramatic we can point to and say, “Hey, look at that!”

So, a high (visual) impact, low cost project, that still benefits us and moves us forward in some way.

Hmmmm. Clean-up is one of those kind of things. And we’ve got a LOT of that to do.

Methinks…”The Pigeon Room” is on the agenda this weekend.

To give us added incentive to make a visual impact, here’s a couple before pictures:

The pigeon room...what a mess!

The pigeon room…what a mess!

There is a LARGE amount of trash and debris here to remove.

There is a LARGE amount of trash and debris here to remove.

Muhahahahahahaha! Methinks I get to hack up a pool table with a saw-zall!

I’ll post the “after” pictures next week…with any luck and a bit of hard work…they’ll even look different!

Daniel Meyer

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