Welcome to Cupola Art, my (soon to be) working studio, gallery, and event space. The wife and I purchased this building a few years back with the glimmerings of some dreams for its use…apparently because I have a somewhat masochistic fascination for buildings with towers on them. It was also…and I quote…”on sale”.

Cupola Art--Working Studio and Evil Headquarters of Daniel Meyer. Clarksville Texas

Currently we are remodeling the building, remodeling the website, remodeling the studio, and sorting through my art pieces with an eye to eliminating inferior pieces.

There has been some interest in the work we are doing to the building which I had been detailing on our Old Vic site. I am now collecting those articles on this site. You can view them all, or pull down the Articles–>Building Projects menu above for particular categories. The work will be ongoing and there’s a LOT to do so keep checking back!

‘Life Is a Road’ books are still available…order them here…and after I sort out a tax/timing issue another in the series will hit the streets. Some art is still available, but the shop is a mess and being worked on slowly…so appointment or via website only for now.

Life Is a Road books can be ordered directly from me (here) or on Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.

Articles about art works in progress and the like will be posted here, and I’ll fly up a gallery shortly for completed pieces as well as an on-line sales section.

As usual I have grand plans…and as usual they just slightly exceed my grasp. We’ll see how it works out!

Cupola Art
On the Historic Clarksville Square
131 North Locust Street
Clarksville, Texas 75426

Currently By Appointment Only. Contact us here.

Latest post:

It’s a distinctly crisp sound…walking through broken glass…some ancestral memory or cultural artifact cementing its crunch and almost musical notes as the unquestioned herald of chaos and destruction.

But it’s quiet when I don’t move…and for a moment I just stand there among the carnage and ponder.

An overwhelmingly foul mood and uncertain thoughts arise…and that’s perhaps inevitable…when you’re staring at the wreckage of shattered dreams.

OPRS (Other People's Roof Stuff).

OPRS (Other People’s Roof Stuff).

(there’s a couple hundred pounds of Other People’s Roof Stuff that blew through the windows of our building)