Welcome to Cupola Art, my (soon to be) working studio, gallery, and event space. The wife and I purchased this building a few years back with the glimmerings of some dreams for its use…apparently because I have a somewhat masochistic fascination for buildings with towers on them. It was also…and I quote…”on sale”.

Cupola Art--Working Studio and Evil Headquarters of Daniel Meyer. Clarksville Texas

Currently we are remodeling the building, remodeling the website, remodeling the studio, and sorting through my art pieces with an eye to eliminating inferior pieces.

There has been some interest in the work we are doing to the building which I had been detailing on our Old Vic site. I am now collecting those articles on this site. You can view them all, or pull down the Articles–>Building Projects menu above for particular categories. The work will be ongoing and there’s a LOT to do so keep checking back!

‘Life Is a Road’ books are still available…order them here…and after I sort out a tax/timing issue another in the series will hit the streets. Some art is still available, but the shop is a mess and being worked on slowly…so appointment or via website only for now.

Life Is a Road books can be ordered directly from me (here) or on Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.

Articles about art works in progress and the like will be posted here, and I’ll fly up a gallery shortly for completed pieces as well as an on-line sales section.

As usual I have grand plans…and as usual they just slightly exceed my grasp. We’ll see how it works out!

Cupola Art
On the Historic Clarksville Square
131 North Locust Street
Clarksville, Texas 75426

Currently By Appointment Only. Contact us here.

Latest post:

…and not a drop to drink…

We have a contract to put a new roof on the building…but due to demand, materials, weather, etc it has not been done yet. There’s a LOT of folks out there needing new roofs…

So…last Friday we got around 8″ of rain…2-1/2 of it in under a half hour.

The tarps are not up to that kind of abuse.

12 times I emptied the shop vac...AFTER I swept a ton of water out the front door.

12 times I emptied the shop vac…AFTER I swept a ton of water out the front door.

I spent Saturday cleaning up the couple hundred gallons of water that got in and overflowed the traps upstairs. I also used fans to dry the floors…and removed any wet materials so I don’t have a mold problem later.

Sunday…Well…through a feat of derring do (and nobody died!), the reckless deployment of strength (gonna feel that in the morning), and sheer determination (too stupid to know when to quit), me and Mike deployed the giant heavy rubberized canvas tarp from hell on the front damaged section of the roof.

Just getting it UP there was 75% of the battle. Heavy, stiff, and difficult to get a grip on…getting it on top of a roof that’s 36 feet off the ground is a challenge in itself.

The blue tarp was largely semi-permiable by now just from flapping in the breeze and the sun (they don’t last long).

The giant tarp from hell thing is heavy…something around 200 pounds or so…and 50 feet long by probably 16 feet wide. Ugh.

Anyway, got it up there, tacked and boarded down…and I didn’t take a pic of it. And I ain’t going back up there just for that. The tarp covers the hatch and getting ON the roof is probably something like being born…slither through a hole…and slide head first under this tight, warm, damp passage and…ugh. Never mind.

Getting back IN that passage It also makes it extraordinarily difficult to get OFF the roof…well…*alive* anyway. I’m pretty sure this entire episode is a metaphor for the male brain in general but I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway…hopefully I should fare better in the next storm. This was…of course…scheduled for tonight…but since we finished the tarp, the completely random forecast now says no rain for more than a week. (that will…of course…change tomorrow).

It will still leak…there are several places the roof is damaged and this only addresses the worst part…but hopefully this is the end of the damaging leaks.

We will see.

This is what I do when I get stressed and have no idea *what* to do…I put my head down and work…and what do ya know? It actually helps!

Now if you’ll excuse me…the ibuprofen content of my blood has fallen WAY beyond minimum levels.

Kudos to Mike…I couldn’t have done this without his help.

Update: Sooo…when I went to bed Sunday night the forecast was for 10% chance of light showers after 10am Monday.

We got 2 inches of rain before 9am. I checked things out and while I still have some leakage, it is around the edges and very light. MUCH better.

Now…I just need a roof!

Daniel Meyer